Core Concepts

Before using PromoBadger, it's useful to learn and understand some of the core concepts and terminology that you will come across.


A user is anyone that has an account. Users can be a part of one or more organisations, providing them with access to any of the projects within those organisations.


Organisations are the billable entities under which users and projects are grouped. They allow multiple users to efficiently collaborate on the projects, without requiring them to share login credentials.

Users within an organisation are able to see and manage all of that organisations projects.


Projects act as a container for your badges and their configuration.

You can use projects to manage badges across different applications, or even to isolate badge configurations across each of your applications environments (e.g. dev, UAT and production).

Badge Types

Badge types are the main building blocks for your badge content. They define the distint badge schemas that can be created within your project (e.g. product card badges, PDP banners, etc.).

Each badge type can have it's own unique custom fields, allowing you to define different content attributes for each of your badges.


Badges are the entity that your content team create and are returned by the API. They are created using one of the badge type defined within your project and contain all of the chosen badge types custom fields.